Today is about learning to live in sync with your innate feminine cycle, rather than living how we have been taught—to shun her, ignore her, and even eradicate her. Leave feeling empowered about the possibilities with your vitality, mood, sexual health, fertility and what you can achieve when you live by the Women’s Secret Guidebook.

What to Expect


A women’s hormones are different everyday, yet many of us expect ourselves to be the same everyday. It is a losing battle that leaves you physically and emotionally exhausted. There are actually 4 phases of your menstrual cycle. They reflect the 4 seasons of the planet, including the robust and exciting times of spring/summer and the times of slowness, turning inward and rest of fall/winter. The 4 phases also reflect the cycle of the moon and the deep and ancient symbolism found in its ever-changing face. You’ll discover how to connect with the symbolism of cycles for menstruation, the seasons and the moon. Unlocking the secret symbolism of theses cycles is your birthright, and it’s time you and your daughters and granddaughters had this information at your fingertips. 


You’ve probably been trying to do all the things at once, all the time. Just like I was. When I learned the purpose and wisdom in each of the phases of the menstrual cycle I was able to honor my innate self. Innate, because I couldn’t keep going against the natural rhythms of my hormones. You are going to be gifted with the wisdom I learned on my journey—what behaviors to change to live in sync with your cycle and how the fuck to do it. In the end, you’ll also get more done, amazingly. You can target social time, or when to be creative and start projects. You can clarify, when you know your cycle, when to do a hard workout, when to evaluate your life + home + relationships, and when manifesting is Next Level. When you know your cycle, you can avoid or create a pregnancy, know when you’re more likely to attract a mate and when you can Go Hard at work + play. Syncing your behaviors with your menstrual cycle ends feelings of overwhelm. It gives you space to see clearly what changes you want to make in your life. This process of knowing your cycle phases, and what each is supposed to do, creates a natural system for when to prioritize All The Things on your plate, including yourself.

Understand + Incorporate + Evolve

When I began incorporating living with my cycle, I had no idea what I was doing. And that is okay. I started with where I was at, my intuition, and of course a pile of books (duh!) This retreat experience is a guidebook of gentle changes to make over time, where you honor what changes you are capable of making right now. You won’t become a menstrual cycle maven overnight, and you shouldn’t have to! Absorb what I teach at the retreat. This includes the moon and season phases, but will also cover what vaginal steaming is, how to chart for and find out when you’re ovulating, resources and books on foods, exercise, the science of hormones, and more! If you feel called to follow the more science-based side of things—do that! Hormone awareness, cycle tracking and why PCOS or Endometriosis develop are super important! Maybe you feel called to the more spiritual side of things—following the moon phases, vaginal steaming or living with the seasons. The thing is, there is no wrong path to reclaiming your cycle. There are many combinations, and the right one for you is housed in your intuition.

Draft agenda for event

10:00AM – 11:00AM  Welcome, Opening Ceremony

11:00AM – 12:00PM  Why Bleeding Isn’t the Main Event

  • The 4 phases of the cycle
  • Super Powers of each phase
  • Find that Egg! When do you ovulate?

12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch  

  • Bring your own
  • Some refrigerator space available

1:00PM – 2:00PM  The Moon and Seasons

  • Connecting Moon Symbolism to the 4 menstrual cycle phases
  • Connecting the 4 Seasons to the 4 menstrual cycle phases

2:00PM – 2:15PM     Break 

2:15PM – 3:15PM    Embody the Plan

  • Clarify your personal journey and how to course correct
  • Resources! Resources! Resources!
  • Pieces and Tips that Help: Everything from teas, to vaginal steaming to seed cycling and more!
  • How to Work with Me and Q and A

3:15PM – 3:30PM     Break 

3:30PM – 4:00PM  Closing Ceremony

  • Root your learning and intentions for this new journey of embodying feminine wellness, for now and generations

We’re meeting in a Yurt!

We will be meeting in Vancouver, WA at Connect Wellness Spa. 

4301 NE 59th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98661

They have a beautiful yard where you can experience a sauna, cold plunge or just relax in the loungers. We will be experiencing their new yurt in all its glory! 

Did you know the circle is a symbol of feminine energy? 

There is no better place than a Yurt to dive into the depths of understanding and connecting with your very own feminine.

After Party!

Join us for an intimate group dinner with Vanessa (max 4 guests + Vanessa!)

YES, I want dinner with V!

What’s included:

  • Dinner is hosted at a local restaurant (not yet chosen)
  • Dinner is on me, alcohol is on you
  • Additional Swag you can only get at the After Party!
  • More time to ask me those questions you couldn’t during the event, such as periods, BBT charts, fertility, the pill, hormones and more! You could also just go deeper into whatever you want to know-codependency, mental health, tarot, private coaching, talking to your guides, chakras or just what my life is like!

Early Bird Bonus

Mystic Womb Event 

An exclusive event for those who purchase at the early bird rate
Friday, October 14th at 7pm

Enter a group zoom ceremony that will help prepare your body, soul and womb for the retreat. I will lead you through grounding, connecting to your body and your womb. Your body will connect with you and communicate back. Happening just eight days before the retreat, it will prepare you and allow you to integrate the experience before the retreat. We will be shedding what each of you is ready to let go of, creating space in your life what is coming to you.

Learn more about the Connect Wellness Spa:

Connect Wellness Spa offers incredible services that you may like. You can learn more here.

You can do a vibe check, see directions and find out if you want to book services with them some time. They are amazing!

Every time I work with Vanessa it’s like Christmas so much abundance and so many gifts of awareness and knowledge. Vanessa has been actively helping me with healing since 2018. This last retreat I took with her was beyond amazing. She went over codependency in way I could see how it applies to my life and ways to heal it. In this retreat she was able to get on a more spiritual level of having our guides connect and clear out what doesn’t serve anymore. During the retreat she reminded us how to set boundaries and also the importance of self care. One of my favorite parts of the retreat was she asked us to go outside and grab whatever your intuition guided too. The piece of Mother Earth I collected has continued to be apart of my healing ritual almost weekly. Stop cock blocking your happiness was a very fun part of the day too. Vanessa does such a wonderful job not only explaining, but making sure you fully understand. During the retreat my inner child, inner teenager, and higher self were able to show up in such a safe space. This retreat has got me to the next level in life and I look forward to joining the next retreat. Trust me there were tears, laughs, and a 1000 ah ha moments. Thank you again Vanessa for hosting Activate Retreat.
Shelby Leeth
I've had the absolute pleasure of attending multiple retreats organized by Vanessa. I love the balance she creates of reflective calm, creativity, and sidesplitting laughter. The memories I've made, and lessons I learned with her stick firmly in my heart. She allows space for us to be vulnerable and feel safe and cared for in ways that feel so natural and let me feel grounded in the moment.
Megan Hicks
Vanessa is a wonderful organizer and planner. I have attended many events she has coordinated, and planned. Everything she's ever planned, whether it is a week-long camp, a stand-alone party, or a multi-month-long learning project is expertly organized, facilitated and most importantly FUN! Vanessa infuses everything that she does with a sense of creativity and joy. Additionally, her instructional manner is kind, generous, and thoughtful. She is able to ease one into understanding with compassion and grace, making the transfer from knowledgeless to knowledgeable an experience of peace and joy.
Erica Lasley
Attending an event led by Vanessa was transformative and felt like play! Reflecting on the experience now, I see a direct correlation to the ease I feel in parts of my life today. Engaging in processes of discovery and revelation; I have a stronger connection to self, to those I call mine, and my expansive purpose in this world! Thank you Vanessa for creating the space to share in joy and leadership.
Stacy Hicks