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The seeds of codependency were in me all along, for you see my parents taught me well about caring, doing good for others and giving to be helpful. The behaviors were so transient I never would have noticed them or labeled them as possibly codependent. However, later in life I became a full blown codependent. I was distraught, stressed, struggling in relationships and sought counseling. It didn’t take the therapist long to recommend I attend their codependency group. I hesitated, kinda both ashamed and horrified at this—wtf was happening? 

Vanessa has a way of being kind and direct at the ame time. She helped me figure out what was inmy way that I couldn't see, that she could not only clearly see but articulate to me in a way I understood. Working with Vanessa is like having a firm but kind cheerleader behind you, inspiring you to take the necessary steps to get closer to your best self.
Hollie Bearden
Vanessa has helped me open my mind to what was really going on in my life (not just with my last relationship). I felt heard for the first time, not just by her, by myself. You see I never listened to my own voice/ my real opinion/ what I needed. Since I have been doing this my business has exploded! My passion is being expressed fully and it's attracting everyone's around me. This couldn't have happened without the help of Vanessa- her soft approach to make sure I connected what was in MY head. That I did things for me NOT to satisfy others wishes over my own. To listen to myself... hear my voice... in one busy world. Thank you Vanessa.
Brooke Lowery

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